Poem -

a slip upon my tongue

a slip upon my tongue

0ops a slip upon my tongueĀ 
verses seemsĀ 
lost in the mindless meĀ 

so often a smile misses my lipsĀ 

a slap to my face to awake
the dead or to let them rest as they should
to deep

for mister fix it must

as a leaf drop upon the little sweetheart of a rose
yet its seems like life is perfect
to a perfection of daily worship
times by five or moreĀ 

who am I
to say
what I say

or do or don`t walk the dog
or give a bone to satisfied
the needs ever so wanting
to a pleasure minute ....

as time trickles in thisĀ 

this is going to endĀ 
time to sip my coffee

and listen to another verse
of verses
or a crow in the distance crowing ...

it's time
To settles the moods as
this of this
on a
twisted mouth
spitting words....

OopsĀ  now a Sip upon my tongue.


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