Poem -

A soul to bleed

A soul to bleed

Life we live, life we die, every inch we bleed, set apart from those we love as vengeance takes its heed! Each carousel like feeling lets no pain escape, crucified to cherished thoughts and every breath we take. This roose of life, this blinkered fate, the clock's hand waits for none. Each silent note, like the bells chime pacing to beat as one. Fate maybe cold, fate maybe swift but embrace it warm and true yet at every end love is not lost but waiting as love do. Life we live, life we die, with every inch we bleed. Love may not be visible but always waiting in need.

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Flower Girl

Welcome to Cosmo Cain!! Very thought provoking ink.......I have no words to clearly express my thoughts......well done......purple luv & hugs xo :)