Poem -

A soul we think we know

A soul we think we know

A silhouette in darkness 
strolling through a street. 
A lonely man, a lonely soul, 
who wonders where he goes? 
Heading home no doubt 
or maybe he’s a lout. 
Walking into mischief, 
or just a ticket tout 
No one could ever know 
what lies within his brain? 
Or is he just a guiltless man, 
or someone gone insane. 
Whatever he may be, 
whoever he may be. 
His world is just as normal 
As he or she or thee. 
He walks upon a crowded street 
but lonely is his soul. 
Passing by without a thought 
a world he used to know. 
But now that world has changed, 
and he is so alone. 
He walks beneath a blackness 
of shadows from the past. 
A past of joyful times, 
a past of blissful kinds, 
a past of smiles, 
a past of tears, 
but most of all a past of fears. 
This lonely shadow heading home, 
Innocent and free. 
His work is done, its time for fun. 
Gone from shadow into sun. 
He walks across a crowded street 
with one thing on his mind. 
His wife, his strife his daily life 
cuts through his soul just like a knife. 
Now that's what this mans all about 
he is no lout or ticket tout! 
He’s just a soul we do not see 
Or maybe just an entity 

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Tony Taylor

Hi MARILYN!!.....you have a fine sense of rhythm and timing in play here......and a VERY compelling piece of creative verse!!!......the phrasing paints powerful imagery in the minds eye ~

              ~ "He walks across a crowded street
                  with one thing on his mind.
                  His wife, his life his daily strife
                 cuts through his soul just like a knife..."

ALL STARS!!....well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered......and......WELCOME to COSMO dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 👏👏✴😊

Marilyn Heavens

Wow, many thanks for your kind comments, I have more to come. X


What a beautiful poem, so well written