Poem -


don't let this ruin any relationship ...


All throughout the centuries,
Ever since mankind 1st begun.
It has been rooted deep inside of us,
To think that your lover,
has not just you but another 1? 
Obsessively it eats at you,
Are they actually all good?
 or to the core,
Like many a bad egg and Rotten?
Not all people are like this,
You just have to start to be trusting all over again,
Always thoughts
Out of the blue,
If a woman or man,
 messages either of you,
Here come the thoughts that drive you near insane,
Ripping apart any romantic partnership,
Tearing it to tatters and setting it a flame
Always the same,
Always tiresome questioning, 
driving you from being sane,
Paranoia is horrible,
Paranoia leaves us feeling alone and scared.
Paranoia  is terrible,
Paranoia makes us feel overwhelmed and on the inside scarred!
If in the past you have been left hurt or burnt,
Because of a once thought loved ones actions,
That’s when the table's usually turned,
Causing the worst of paranoia reactions!

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Strong write, we can be quite self-destructive when we let out past cloud our judgment on our future. I liked this piece 

Being Me

James, what a deep thinking write this is! It is very true. Once you have been badly burned/hurt/scorned (etc) in the aftermath of a great love, you DO find it extremely hard to trust again. And if ever you do find it in yourself to trust to love, there is a part of you that stays forever hardened. I guess it's called protection because if you have ever been in a situation where it almost killed you, loving can be a dangerous past time. I think I can see where that paranoia could come from, but you are right... We should learn to let go and warmly invite love back into our lives x