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Alien Zoo Theory

Alien Zoo Theory

Author: Echo Blue 14v -nomos Station Sirius B

Your Cosmic company lacking
shielded from us by one-way bars

Observing you
you can’t observe us

Your Not civilized
Nor Loving
threatening one another

knowing your here
Not wanting to deal
nor reveal

You live in a metaphorical zoo
But a cosmic Eden

Our galaxy-wide compact
Our large number of cultures
nothing visible by earthlings.

We will allow contact
But by our choice

 Until then;
You will remain... in the  ZOO

Thus Spoke:
Echo Blue-Nomos 14v
Station Sirius B

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RRG (Rebecca)

I liked this. The format you use is interesting and the topic is stellar. It is curious that we don't talk more about this possibility. We being ants in a giant alien universe. Enjoyed this very much. Blessings.