Poem -

Am I the same person?

Am I the same person I was a few years ago?
Try not to take this metaphorically
Nor rhetorically
Am I the same human being?

Yes, you probably suppose
Well maybe I oppose
I didn't have the same personality
 Or the same memories

My opinions have changed
I no longer feel estranged
So am I a different person?
No, for I have the same DNA

But let's say
In some way
Our brains were restructured
My brain and the way its neurons are spliced together
And how my chemicals are balanced
Were swapped with yours

Mind you, our brains are still the same
The only difference is our assumed names
For I have retained everything
And you too, but now I have your engagement ring

It wouldn't be right
For others to call me by your name
Because in hindsight
I just look like you 
But then again 
I have your DNA

So, what makes current me
Me from 5 years ago?
Perhaps you can agree
What makes us, us is our personalities

And I have changed tremendously
Physically and mentally
Maybe I'm like a rope
I remember what was behind me
But my past can't foresee
And I don't remember what I was like
When I was as small as a pea
Although at one point
I would've known

And like a rope
Its threads are little pieces of me
Memories long and short
But still intertwined


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