Poem -

An exercise of action

An exercise of action

Creatures flying in a frenzy around a bright streetlight, nocturnal mammals in the dead of the night...joggers on their daily jaunts counting out calories,  assistants filling shop floor shelves earning their salaries

Emergeny services nee-nawing to & fro, humanity rushing thru the city streets with destinations high & low
Everyone is on a mission with different tales to tell travelling back & forwards like a bat out of hell

Everything that is able be it fast or slow all moving around in a rhymatical flow... nothing much is static, ‘an exercise of action’ constantly changing tempos in a timelessness transaction

Racing like a rocket or slithering like a snail, gliding thru the sea on a yacht with a sail, movable maneuvers on a passage of progression...an advance of agitation on an operational regression

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