Poem -


He walked on London Bridge like so many times before  
Only this time he wouldn't be coming home anymore 
Another needless death in the act of terror and crime  
Caught up in the wrong place and the wrong time 

How can it be right that innocent people should die  
I shake my head as I try to find the reason why
What is the answer and when will it ever end  
Care for each other is the only answer my friend 

My one great wish is that peace will eventually come 
Will never happen in my lifetime according to some 
Take a moment to take a good look all around
Appreciate every sight and savour every sound

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Larry Ran

My Dear Kieran,

This is a beautiful tribute, for the two innocent Souls, who were slain by this monster!  I, like you, think that in our lifetimes, it will never stop.  I give you now a Haiku in response.

They freed a monster
Who should have been deleted
Two Souls paid the price

All my love,
Larry xxx