Poem -

Another Place

Another Place

          of a mature Shinto-formed clay
I saw a blinding universe...
I'd seen it before
                           in naked Italian marble;
supernovas in miniature
They'd subtly expanded, magenta and cobalt:
                                 speckle-spectacular ecstacies
like the tastebuds of God
I imagine them filled aswirl
                                           with emerald planets and lime:
 abodes of loving orgasminisms,
Tangerene grasses that carpet,
                                     and ebonyshine vines...
framing martian blue sunrises
Lazy long days that gently blow
upon the drinkable air
delight-deliver scents and honey dew
where budding are blessed fruits
                                              in neon pink and flare
that click-pop-release abundant flesh
in ultra violet hues aglow
The juice runs down my liquid silver chin
                                              and onto boulders coppergloss
I plant their fertile seeds
                              into the purple snow
then shake my red hair pewter
and sink my living feet and knees
                               into the golden soil
and sip by a salty oil-black spring 
the satisfying taste of my own kin

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Silent Dreamer

Truly beautiful! The words used to express are utterly mesmerising✨