Poem -

Artificial Happiness

Artificial Happiness

Whatever keeps us going 
From one week to the next
Whatever stimulates serotonin 
Whatever suits us best

Stopping us from sinking..
Into the abyss 
The patch on the dinghy 
It's artificial happiness

A feeling of paranoia 
A sense of purpose we've missed
Lost in the hypermarket 
Without the shopping list.. 

Got God on one shoulder
Whispering the strength I should possess 
The devil on the other
Temtping artificial happiness 

We all have our vices
Be it alcohol, drugs or sex
Even Saturday night TV
It's all artificial happiness...

Keeping up with the soaps
Wasting finite consciousness 
Binge watching box sets
Artificial happiness??

Sometimes my head boils over
At the thought of wisdom unseen
Have we missed the whole point 
To what freedom should mean?

My apologies, I'm rambling.. 
I'm off on a tangent no doubt 
Going against the flow of traffic 
On a busy roundabout... 

My head can feel like a septic tank 
I have to let the shit out 
When it's full, the sewage flows freely
From the overflow spout... 

I'll admit I'm guilty too
I'm wasting my time
But my eyes are wide open 
At least I'm not blind..

Three sheets to the wind
But that's just how I sail
Would you like this in LARGE PRINT?
Would you like this in braille?

Commentary on your life & selfie shots
I don't care about how you look
You're fishing for attention 
With no bait on the hook

Are you worthy of the effort 
Are you worthy of the time?
Lets all place our bets 
See who's last in line...

It takes a strong stomach 
For the shit I digest
Don't laugh at others misfortune 
When you could be next... 

Are we living freely?
All individual and unique 
Or just clones of each other? 
Like Dolly the sheep?
What it boils down to is...
Are we cursed or are we blessed?
I think we're  just robots... 
With artificial happiness

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Valerie Lynn

I just found my new favorite poem! Thank you for sharing. I wanted to keep reading. Truth!!
-Val 🖤


Hi Val,

I'm so glad you like the poem and that it's one of your new favourites (despite the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors lol. I think I've put most of them right now)

Thanks for reading

Take care - Syd 


Hi Lauren, 

Thank you. Thanks for reading - Syd 


Thank you Linda. Glad you enjoyed - Syd 


Cheers Jayne. Glad you enjoyed - Syd xxx