Poem -

As dark as inky jet !!

As dark as inky jet !!

It was a shadowy, sombre, pitch-black night..as dark as inky jet.. a howling wind was blowing & the ground was soaking wet

The full moon lay on his side in amidst the thickened cloud..lacking luster and luminosity beyond a misty shroud..

An eerieness like no other before, some say it was doom’s day.. tho not a soul dared to venture outdoors.. to keep out of harms way..

But there I stood in solitude looking up to the gloomy skies..my vision was impaired somewhat.. smokey smog blinded my eyes..

Not a single star was visible as the stormy squall did blast..sounding frighteningly spooky, I stood absolutely aghast..

An overwhelming fear of dread.. terror and trepidation.. made me run from where I stood in total consternation..

I ran and ran..like never before.. goosebumps prickled my heat.. drenched in a deluge of pouring rain.. it saturated me feet..

In a state of sheer exhaustion someone grabbed me making me SCREAM!! Then in a state of startled, confusion, I woke myself up from a dream..


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Cherie Leigh

Ah!  You got me!  Dreams can seem so real can't they?  It is nice to come out of some of them and realize they are not real, where others are so wonderful you don't want them to end.  Great description of the dark night, rainy spooky night.  xo ;)  

Jill Tait

Haha thank you My lovely Cherie 💕💕💕