Poem -

Asleep in my dream

Asleep in my dream

I lie, sleepy thoughts as my heavy eyelids close
I am falling into abyss
following my shadows
Dark is this tunnel,
I cannot see any light
As I tumble thru the hollow
In the dead of the night
“Wake up Jill, you are yelling in your sleep”
“Oh my God it was a nightmare,
That drop was so deep”

I turn around onto the lefthand side of my face
I am so sleepy, in a comfy soft space
Monkeys smile at me
I think I am visiting a zoo
Yet am I a person ?
No, I’m a kangeroo
I am jumping, leaping up high
“JILL, wake up you have kicked me in the thigh”

“Why do you keep shaking me ?,
I need to sleep, let me be”
As I shut my eyes 1..2...3...
Wow, “Hello Mother” at least I think it is you
Yet I can’t be sure, can it be her?is it true?
It’s so good to see you, are you happy where you are?
Mam smiles at me with a look from afar.....

An entanglement of visions
dance around in my head
It must be early hours of the morning
I have been asleep in my bed
Yes I have slept, i have been many places
I was inside a zoo as a kangeroo
Then I saw my Mother with the nicest of faces
Things aren’t really happening
They may not be what they seem
When I lie in my bed
Asleep in my dream


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Dreams take us to places that our conscious mind cannot....and open up our mind to possibilities and creativity....I like the theme..Enjoyed. xo ;)

Jill Tait

Aww thankx luv much appreciated xx❤️