Poem -

Autumn 🍁

Autumn 🍁

It looks like Autumns finally here
Tho its later than last year
But the weather is still beautiful
Darker nights are drawing near

The golden orange sunsets
Rusty colours on the trees
The crisp dewed grass
Scattered leaves in the breeze

Autumn paves its way
For the winter months ahead
Nights are longer
Giving more sleep in our beds

It is a delightful season
With its bronze & burnt hues
I love walking in the hills
The most remarkable views

It is Mid October now
Time is rushing through
Xmas is looming near
Preperation to do

Harvest is gathered in
Then it is bonfires night
Children with their sparkles
Fireworks so bright

All these spectacles
Giving so much fun
Decemember will arrive
Autumn is done 🎃

The cycle of life
Includes the four seasons
It is the way of our world
Everything happens for a reason 🌍


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Jill Tait

Aww thank you so
much Greg much appreciated x