Poem -


Oh drift away my lovely babe
head a'rest on pillowed hay
​​​​​​as dappled sunlight
speckles lazy day...

and you 
a drift of milky scent
a pure energy
now all spent
in tunes
of sweetest dreams
are swept away...

lifted up in laughing arms
to coast with sprites
​of magic charms
as baby breaths of breezes
blanket you...

and birds above you
sweep and call
to warn away the one
and all
from high in mighty trees
that tower all...

and shed their leaves
of nature's love
in shawls of warmth
from high above
sweet woodland babe
from harms way...

black hair a'curled on scented cheek
such innocence that cannot
but bursts the skin
to sparkle
grateful air...

a picture of contented rose
a holy cherub
in repose
oh drift away
in dreams
 my lovely 

Marion Price(2020)

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Marion Price

What a lovely comment ♥️
have you...what's it about...
Sometimes if I write on paper I lose the vibe...if I type straight on here it flows. Then I reread a few days later and find it doesn't flow at all and have to edit but I have the essence you know?? Just write it Lisa, you can edit it whenever ...alert me when you have, I'm eager to read it now 😃💕