Poem -

Back to reality

Back to reality

Sat staring out the window on a British Virgin train
Spent my journey people watching
I’ve time for ‘Ditty land’ again

Crewe to Edinburgh
A few stops along the way
Everything has went like clockwork
Just for a change I have to say

Wev’e had a holiday on a narrow boat
My husband & me
Tho both of us were novices
We are experts now teehee

But it’s time to go back home again
back to reality
With cases full of dirty washing
That’s the first job for me you see

We’ve had two different holidays in a row
One on the water, other on the sea
My presents for my 60 th birthday
back in April for me

So a brilliant time for both of us
with lovely weather along the way
but I’m ready for another holiday
when we get home I gotta say :)

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