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Be my own sweet valentine ❤️

Be my own sweet valentine ❤️

Be my own sweet valentine
Oh my mysterious Mademoiselle
Let us salsa in the moonlight
to the hurdy gurdy carousel
As the sparkling stars above us
twinkle in your emerald eyes
I shall kiss your sweet lips under candlelight
We will watch the bright sunrise

Whilst we are together embraced in our entwine
My heart and soul I bestow to you
I adore you my Caroline
Succomb to my affections
I am spellbound under trance
with your silhouette reflections 
as we pirouette in romance

Shall we linger til’ the eventide
listening to the oceanic roar
As our senses sip the seasalt
lying on the sandy shore
Shadows from the moonlight
Casting on our lover’s lament
such a mellow yellow midnight
on yon sensational sunset descent


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