Poem -


The world is not a place
Where small things should roam
All small children
And kindly animals
Should most certainly fear
To mistake it for home

Be warned
The poor world is the cruelest of places
Which teems and swells 
With the oddest of creatures
Who chase money and pleasure
In lunatic races
Inflict tortures 
From the very devil's cart
​​​​​​To all the small things

For the world has spawned evil
Souls that grow black as crows wings
Which beat and flap and burst out
Grin and smile
Smack their lips as small things pass by
Relish the attack

Be warned
The world offers no safe harbour
To innocent things
No angel of mercy to end the plight
​​​​​No night in shining armour
Or saviour 
To save them

The world emits a sickly stench
Toxic and vile
Into the cosmos the all seeing eye
And all the while 
The Gods
Concern themselves not
Let it rot they say
Let them rot

And all the while the small things cry
Beg for mercy
Suffer great hurts
Scream out the bastard truth
And die
But nobody cares and nobody hears them
Be warned.

Marion Price ( 2019)


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...The world has proven to be a scary place with my life experiences...so I understand....Where can we turn to find trust and genuine benevolence?  It breaks my heart.  Yet I refuse to let the world dictate over love and good that must stand firm and not let the world's ways win...The spirit of God is still alive and fights with us...Honest write.  Love n Hugs, xo 

Marion Price

Thankyou ...I don't know why there are so many psychopaths and sociopaths in the world...we need a good old fashioned plaque to get rid of them!!! 🌹🌹

Icarus Flocke

SO very good, and VERY true Marion.

but there are still people like YOU in
this world...so I think theres still hope 
my friend.

Marion Price

But I could also be a psychopath who tries to write poetry...🤪😆😊...seriously, thankyou Icarus, I value your comments and feedback 🌹🌹