Poem -



I crave for your hug
like the one is addicted to drug

I admire purity of your eyes 
inside which my whole universe lies

I highly think of your lips
such that the counting of each & every word
uttered by them is on my finger tips

I proudly praise your sharp nose
which doesn't get poked into someone else's business
but is able to give a positive attitude dose

I strongly wish to be like your eye brows
so that all the restrictions i can oppose
I truly like your dimple
like them your personality is also very simple

I love your chin
which gives me wide grin

I get blown by your cheeks
which makes me feel like to be
on one of the highest peaks

I am proud on your fore head
which makes me capable to face any threat

I fell in love with your hair
which gives me the power to dare

In simple words,you are Nature's pure gift
who does not let me drift

At last I just want to say
You are beautifully beautiful..!