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Beautiful Kielder ❤️

Beautiful Kielder ❤️

Kielder in Northumberland.. What a beautiful rural place!
Whilst I am in  the ‘Willow’ lodge with my loved ones sharing a six-berth space..

Four nights in early October is just what my inner soul needs as my adoration for my two older sisters & their brilliant husbands bleeds...

This is the very first occasion that my better half & I... have joined my sibblings on a holiday tho these lovely days are flying by...

Never-the-less I shall have my memories... they will be with me  for evermore... As I reminisce on my break in Kielder my heart will be happy forevermore ...

So... thank you my lot for having us... we can be abit of an ‘oddball’ pair but we’ve tried our very utmost to not get in your hair!!!!

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