Poem -

Beautiful signor

Beautiful signor

Whenever we wake,

still joined, enraptured—

at the window,

each clear night’s finish

the black pulse of dominoes

dropping to land;

whenever we embrace,

haunted, upwelling,

I know

a reunion is taking place—      

Hear me when I say

our love’s not meant to be

an opiate;


you are the reachable mirror

that dares me to risk

the caravan back

to the apogee, the longed-for

arms of the Beloved—

Dusks of paperwhites,

dusks of jasmine,

intimate beyond belief

beautiful Signor

no dread of nakedness

beautiful Signor

my long ship,

my opulence,

my garland

beautiful Signor

extinguishing the beggar’s tin,

the wind of longing

beautiful Signor

laving the ruined country,

the heart wedded to war

beautiful Signor

the kiln-blaze

in my body,

the turning heaven

beautiful Signor

you cover me with pollen

beautiful Signor

into your sweet mouth—

This is the taproot:

against all strictures,


I’ll never renounce,

never relinquish

the first radiance, the first

moment you took my hand—

This is the endless wanderlust:


yours is the April-upon-April love

that kept me spinning even beyond

your eventful arms

toward the unsurpassed:

the one vast claiming heart,

the glimmering,

the beautiful and revealed Signor.

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Thank you Ibrahim Alkadi😽