Poem -

Believe in the light.

Whilst the illness conspired against me
i had to contemplate my
Next move

I had everything inside me, my own sanity to prove

the ego of something
Bigger, the silence of myself and worth

I took off my shoes
And felt the earth below my feet

Not defined by my insecurities, nor defined by its predecessor ways

Days into months and I'm feeling well, steps through the darkness
That living hell,

Light arrived in many ways, and helpful were the people who care

Knowing it's name, and the illness there

Knowing the signs that I'm feeling unwell
Keeps me doing better
Away from that hell

From daily meditation
And therapy calls
I know how the mind works, and how we fall

how we build up a resilience to handle it all
The very first step was to make the call

Faith in the doctors believe in the light
More hands together
The easier fight.


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