Poem -


I sailed the seven seas of sorrow
To the lake of silver tears
Found myself in the dead forest
Where sunlight scorns the trees

I lay myself on withered grass
I bled into the weeds
I begged as black things scuttled by
That I might find some peace

I wept my way through many years
I wished that I could die
But the cold grey moon
It answered not, it left me there to cry

I made my way down hopeless path
Bitterness, my only friend
When the rotten brambles pricked at me
I screamed without an end

Twas there the bird of truth flew by
And led me by the hand
He told me I must follow him
Towards a better land

He led me to the cliffs of doom
The bird did bid me fly
He told me that the choice was mine
I could live or I could die

I had no wings to carry me
No courage for a cloak
I had no faith to cling to
No love, no friend, no hope

But the truth was bare and I did see
That the bird of truth was wise
For only one could save me
Only I, could cause my rise.
Marion Price (2019)


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Cherie Leigh

HI Marion.  What a great message through narrative portrayal.  Only a person can save themselves by finding courage and hope...by seeing the alternative is bleak and no answer.  It is often times when we hit rock bottom that we can find no other way but up to rise out of it....Great imagery and narration.  I enjoyed. xo ;)