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Blink & You Miss It :(

Blink & You miss it 

Alas I am to be sixty in april
I blinked at the age of ten
I am getting ‘over the hill’
I’d love the chance to be young again

Life passes us by in  no time at all
It races at the speed of a cannon ball
No time to even stop & think
I’m almost scared these days to blink

Grow old gracefully they do say
Huh, well I’d prefer not to if I had my way
I quite like the idea of ‘living for each day’
I won’t look behind, just forward if I may

I recall my parents saying to me
When you are older time races by
I didn’t realise how true this could be
Now I am their age & older I could cry

But I’ll try my best to not get too down
I’ve got lots of years ahead I hope
I’m healthy for my age, no need to frown
Lifes too short to be unhappy & mope 

So I will continue to attend my music  gigs
I,ve been to quite a few
Its keeps me young & I love my jigs
My hubby enjoys them too


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