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O young flower, 
Why are you so shy?
There is so much to see,
Like the sun in the sky.

Beauty all around you, 
And within you as-well, 
Please open up, 
Come on out of your shell.

O young flower,
What is it you fear?
Do I need to speak up, 
Do my words fall on deaf ear? 

Wake up foolish flower!
You were created with a purpose. 
If you stay bottled up, 
Only then are you worthless. 

So bloom, timid flower. 
Lay bare your petals for all to see, 
For you are indeed special, 
As you were created to be. 

Listen no more, 
To that voice that seeks to destroy.
Will you let it have it's way? 
Will you let it rob you of your joy?

Cry if you need to, 
Kick and scream if it please you, 
But jump, believe what I say is true.
When you open your eyes, you'll realize you flew. 

O beautiful flower, 
Was there ever a doubt? 
Look at you now, 
It has all worked out. 


(p.s: Cover image drawn by Seventh Son)

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Imtisal Fatima

Such a charming, delightful poem! I really enjoyed it :)

Tony Taylor

Brilliant poetic imagery that speaks volumes to the intended recipient of this well intended poetic advice!!......ALL STARS!!..... well done SHEMA!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤