Poem -

Bob’s Quackers 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 X Ten 🤣

Bob’s Quackers 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆 X Ten 🤣

“Quack quack quack where have you went?”
I hear my hubby shout
As I watch out of my window
But there are no ducks about

You see we own alot of feathered friends 
They roam allday on our park
But when the light is fading
Hubby quacks them in before the dark

Bob is flapping & fretting
Where on Earth can these ducks be
Tho our house is on a caravan park
So they have space to run free

But its not like them 
At this time of night
They always turn at out door
Quacking & crapping 
Leaving stinky splatters on the floor

Its prabably a good sign
The lighter nights are coming back
A month ago at this time
It was totally black

Bob’s come in the house
Hes decided  the wandering ducks can stay outside
If Mr Foxy makes an appearance then its up to them to hide

Then I say to him “Well I’m not worried about them actually
They are very noisy ‘Quackers’
God help a predator that comes along
If he goes near them he’s crackers”

They will run Mr Foxy off his feet
He will be lucky to get away
Can you imagine fifty deafening ducks
With just one fox, I have to say


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