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“Bon voyage little one”

“Bon voyage little one”

She is bursting with bubbles of excitement today.... stuttering hullabaloo as she babbles her say... a frenzy of intoxication, such a titillation of a to-do... hysterically uncontrollable when she’s jabbering to you

“Mam’ma Mam’ma”...pausing with gabbling gush...”I am g..going on a h..h..holiday!!” all in a rush :) “I am so in a t..tizzy... I cannot t...tell a lie” she splutters with merriment as she’s on a huge high 

“Oh how wonderful Emily dear.. you are beside oneself that is perfectly clear... all hot & bothered, got your head in a whirl, well enjoy your cruise my pleased-as-punch girl”

Off Emily trots pulling her green cabin case, infront of her parents with a big grin on her face... showing pearly white teeth from ear to ear to board their holiday aeroplane that is standing so near...I watch & I wait until the plane lifts to the sky...tilted up like a rocket as it zooms so high

I scan along thru the line of small windows that I see... there is my Granddaughter Emily waving at me!...emotionally over-wrought just like her, I flap my arms in the air agitated in a stir... fluttering & flapping my hands in the air, “Bon voyage little one... see you soon... take great care”

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