Poem -

Borrowed breath'.

It's all the final word
if it should be goodbye, and settles in the throat like a last kiss, on borrowed breath'

Death is unavoidable

Though not thought to be the end, yet a beginning


She now moved to his silent song, and sleep's alone in what space he's left behind, down the corridor an empty bed

The dinner plates are down to one, and his TV screen sits by idoly
Waiting for the morning news

I know what she's feeling
That lose of love, I know that shadowy sky above

And in my own heart feel as though I'd break a million times for her, just so she could even smile

Things won't be the same, she's lost her one and only flame

And peace may come as the flowers all die, yet she'll water them days on end before they pass

And there she'll sit in her chair alone, with your presence untouchable to her, and speak as if you never died

And one day, not so near
She may come to realize
There was solitude in her tears, comfortable in her own grief

And every warm sunset
She'll sit down and talk about you and your beautiful face and recall that love you gave her.

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Cherie Leigh

What a beautiful message, for one who is grieving over loss....Love never dies...but stays with us even in the absence of the one we love...the spirit lives on....Although sad, this is so empathetic and comforting in its story.  I love that.  Love n Hugs 


Love and hugs beautiful sis ❤️


Thank you sweetheart ❤️