Poem -

Bright as the sun

Bright as the sun

I dug me a hole
​​​​​​and built me a dungeon
with tin foil walls
a crack pipe for a governer
tears for to bathe in
wine bottles for jailers
And nothing to eat
but the fruit of my failures
as i sat there alone
i remembered you bright as the sun

i decided to dig myself
out of my cell
but the light in the tunnel
was the fires of hell
i had got myself lost
in the cold ground
i could no longer tell
my up from my down
But as i went round in circles
i remembered you bright as the sun

A lifetime spent searching
To find out i was wrong
the answers i looked for
were inside me all along
In the dark i could see them
as clear as the day
with no illusions
to get in the way
and the truth was like beauty
and beauty is bright as the sun

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Well written angel