Poem -

But the cherries are almost imagined

My mind is fixed,
Upon a love that never was.
Too bad for you.
Although you could never. 
My heart beats too wrong,
For the love you require.
Even when your love is right,
Falling in love is better imagined. 
Maybe it’s better you don’t exist,
Then here with me. 
Ignorance is blissful,
When your love was almost for me.
Peaches and roses are never free.
But the cherries are almost imagined,
Not a jealous one but I’d give anything for it to be. 
I would be lying if I said that the sun arising makes me cry,
Knowing that It will go down, 
Leaving behind the flowers.
But the part that gets me every time is that,
I learned to run with the feeling of moonlight.
And now you're not here,
 And all I can do,
Is sleep.

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