Poem -

Can you hear us?

This is scary. 
What world do we live in? 
The one where equality is ignored. 
We are the issue!
Blinded by ignorance and money. 
When will we be saved?
When will we behave? 
Our children are missing. 
Our fmailies are dying. 
Can someone speak out loud? 
All cries from every direction being silenced. 
Every word spoken ignored. 
Real issues being pushed aside. 
Can we start over? 
I thought life would be easier. 

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Icarus Flocke

This is good.

Sadly things will likely
get worse before they
get better. (if they ever

But I hope there are
always people such
as yourself who express
their Lamentations, and
Rage against the injustices
of Life.

(Its when a soul becomes
complacent, and ceases to
care that shit gets truly scary.)

Nice work

Crystal McConnell

Thank you 🙌 

Yes hopefully things do get better, but I know it'll get A LOT worse first.