Poem -



Cancer came and made me sick,
I thought it was a trick.
How could this be as,
I cried beneath the apple tree.
Was God mad at me?
The cancer made me feel unwell
while my body started to swell.
I began to lose my hair and scream an swear 
blaming God that he didn't care.
I am growing weak it's hard to speak.
The pain of sickness is taking a toll 
while my energy is at a low.
God I am sorry will you please 
take this Cancer from me.
How could this be,
Why didn't I see.
Cancer came and it wasn't nice
It showed me that my life
might not be right. 
So I gave it all to the lord
and he showed me my reward.
The Cancer was gone no where to be found,
The Doctors where amazed of how this took place,
I told them I gave my heart to Jesus
and he told me that trusting him and believing 
that he would reward me by taking the sickness
of cancer away, and I was going to stay. 
Just remember to always pray.

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Leah Cabael Yodico

I can relate ## I am a cancer survivor ## It took every inch of my life in a torrent of hopelessness ## the only powerful weapon is to pray and trust God ## even if you're cancer free,  the fear of recurrence is always there ## you'll never know ##
its cathartic to share your burden to others ##
great ink 


kay harris

Thank you dear friend, an I'm  glad you are a survivor, to. May God bless us with much love and 
blessings. You have a wonderful day dear friend.

Tony Taylor

Wow!!....This is definitely something I needed to read today!!.....one of my best friends is losing the battle and she is a person who needs desperately to pray in my opinion......but I don't think she's really a believer.....so I keep her in my prayers!!......So awesome of you to share this sweet poetess!!......ALL STARS!!....well done KAY!!.....LOVE and ROCKETS!!.....T xo 😉☀✴✳


Wow girl! That was amazingly written and so inspirational! You are my hero in the faith. Love ya! ❤💙💗