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Caught in a love triangle

Caught in a love triangle

I came back for her, thought it would be a walk in the park
one queen of diamonds who felt a bad vibe
she may of tried to keep me away from her
may be for my own safety... may be she wanted me all to herself

one queen of clubs who I thought was the one
she just wanted one to call her own, me? one to love
yet I still hold on to the one I left behind
the one that no matter how hard I've tried
can't get her out of my mind

one queen of hearts who has always been the one
the one who is pure... sex is the last thing on my mind
the one I love.... pure at heart... the one I left behind

than there's the queen of spades we share a bond...
we have a daughter
I'm caught in a quadrant and a love triangle
one can give me a house, one can play cat and mouse
one is the home... don't call it old, call it a wake up call
either way one of them can come take me home

I'll give them my whole world, all I've got and more
this battle drains me, I feel like my heart has aged thirty years
come get your flowers and I'll be brand new
I can say a million words... but if they wilt in my possession 
I'm moving on... I'll be brand new... I'll do what I do

there was one who said I'm the one
may be she's the one... called me a heart breaker
I never meant no harm... why would she let me slip away
if she loved me why would she let me turn astray
why wouldn't she take charge and grab me by the shirt
"you're coming home with me, let me take your hand"

I never meant to run... I never meant to hide
I can say you're the one... but are you on my side
no matter who she will be... the flowers are for her
I just want a chance to love someone... whether it's her or you
nothing to be afraid of... let me show you what I'm made of
just give me the time of day... I have a job... I am a rock star
with or without you someone out there believes I'm the one

I could have a million to one... but nothing adds up to one
I'm not your zero... we are the sum of one

I have no reason to run... I have nothing to hide
but if the flowers wilt in my possession... i have to move on
it's not going to be easy... It's going to kill me softly
you took my breath away... I'm back, for you... here to stay
the problem is... I am staying on my fathers couch
I'm to old to depend on him... may I come home

even if I were to move one to another
it won't be the same... the memory remains
one with the smile that lights up my eyes
one with the eyes that lights up my world
I am not here to abandon... but I need a roof over my head
with you it'll be a heavenly home I'll never abandon
If the world only seen how you love me... they'd understand

she knew you'd break my heart... you're the only one who can
give me the chance to be the better man... come get your flowers
come take me home... you don't have to club me over the head... I'll come willingly

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