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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

He's a kind old teacher at the local school, felt blessed to even exist,
But today was doomed as 'one of those days' from the moment his alarm was missed.
He rushed to clean his teeth and shave, already 30 minutes late,
Scrambling to unlock his bicycle but the damn key won't turn rotate.
Speeding down the road in a panic, panting and pushing the pedals,
a taxi driver passed too close and the cyclist swerved into some nettles.
In an fleeting act of rage and pain, the cyclist lost his cool.
'You nearly hit me, you bloody idiot. You're driving like a fool!'
'Nearly hit you?' He shouted back. 'Stay in your cycle lane!'
The driver sped away in anger, that cyclist was insane.
The traffic during rush hour was nearly at a standstill,
With an agitated taxi driver and no time left to kill.
Every single traffic signal he approached was red,
And a smart dressed redhead crossed the road, stopping to itch her leg.
'Come on woman, hurry up! Some of us are in a hurry!'
It was such an important day for the woman, and now he'd ignited her worry.
This wasn't an ordinary job interview, this opportunity won't come again.
But the taxi driver had rattled her nerves, jumbling the contents of her brain.
She stumbled her words and stuttered her answers, sweating from head to toe,
coming as absolutely no surprise when the answer came back as no.
She partied that night, drowned her sorrows, and took some stranger to bed,
who was gone by sunrise to shower for work, regretting his night with the redhead.
His wife was in pieces when he came home from work, 'I can't believe you'd hurt me like this.'
She packed her bags without hesitstion and drove away with their two kids.
What was he thinking? His family are gone, never to see them again.
And after six or seven drinks, he couldn't cope with any more pain.
He lay in the bath with a note in one hand, and a bottle of pills in the other.
'I'm sorry, my darlings. I'll never forget you. Please look after your mother.'
A month has passed and that same old teacher finds a student alone and in tears.
'Whats wrong?' He asked as the young boy sobbed. 
'I wish my daddy was still here.'

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Geolene Conradie

I have exceeded my message limit today but I will tell you tomorrow exactly why awesome human

Wendy Wass

Everything is connected. Nice write😊