Poem -


The change in ones life makes a difference in its turn. It’s hard to accept but it’s something we learn. It can’t just be given or handed out to you. Change is always coming that I know is true. Open up your mind and eyes it’s seeing what comes next. Like reading different people in all the words they text. Emotions are what lead to a choice that one must make. As hard as it could be for you what choice is there to take. A rocky road that you can’t get passed. Or a nice sidewalk that’s built to last. I’ll see myself on both the roads. As I change in many modes. For the change has not yet hit. It doesn’t mean I don’t care a bit. I live my life for just one thing. My daughter is my diamond ring. As she grows and gets so smart. She is daddy’s girl she owns my heart. So as life decides as it should change. I love her forever no matter the range.

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Nicely penned angel