Poem -



Oh golly gosh ,I'm at the Fair Ground,
Theres so many rides that are spinning around ,
Theres the huge big Roller Coaster,
that's something im so very scared of ,

The Chair a Planes all swinging so high ,
The children screaming ,and then me with a sigh 
Oh how I would love to be a child again ,
Without any fear and without any pain.

Bang crash ,that's the Bumper Cars ,
Oh how I loved them chasing my friends, 
We laughed and cried hoping there is no end ,
Bumping our cars hoping there will be no scars .

Theres Candy Floss stalls that I adore
Only wish I could last for more,
But alas it's time for me to go 
My fun filled day is nearly over,

Oh I cry as I approach the field gate
Theres Clowns and Horses it was my mistake,
It's not just a fairground, it's a circus to,
I must get a ticket ,I must make haste