Poem -



I wish you could hear this little birdy
I think it is a female thrush
As it is frantically looking at me perched on my ‘Mock orange’ bush

I’ve never heard such a commotion coming from a bird
Oh my goodness what a racket
Tho I do not understand a word

It’s going “Chirp-ee-cheep-cheep, Chitta-chitta-chee-cheep”
I’m pleased I have woken up
Coz I would not have got any sleep

Is it trying to tell me something ?
Perhaps he’s got ‘Sixth sense’
As he’s jumped off my bush & landed on my garden fence

If only we could speak ‘Birdy language’
What a joy that would be
Then I’d be able to decipher
What this little soul is telling me

Ah well that is impossible
I am only human after all
Okay little pretty thrush
I shall go get you a bird ‘Fatball’

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