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Christmas shopping round two

Christmas shopping round two

Today I shopped til I dropped, this is the second time around.. I went with my middle daughter to see what could be found.. Christmas is coming, with just a few weeks to go.. I have alot of people to by presents for thats the trouble you know

But hey ho I am winning,  my people to buy for is thinning.. I am pleased I made a start as it was quiet at the beginning.. but as the weeks rollon by and Xmas draws nigh.. the queues at the counters are enough to make one sigh..everybody everywhere are out in force, all buying Christmas shopping last minute of course

So I shall return in a day or two, I will complete round three..this time another daughter of mine will come with me.. then one of these days and eventually.. my Christmas shopping will be done, what a relief that will be!!
Rollon Boxing day, then Xmas will be gone.. let’s hope we have a brilliant day with lots of fun..

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Cherie Leigh

Happy Christmas shopping, Jill!  Have fun!  I do most of my shopping online.  xo Love n Hugs