Poem -

‘Clara Clot is the classroom swat’

‘Clara Clot is the classroom swat’

Clara Clot is the classroom swat
This lass is always top of her exams
Such an academic ‘Whizz-kid’
She creates her own Computer programmes

There is not a topic she doesn’t know about 
Clara is ‘Nobody’s fool
Her attendance rate is first class
She never misses a day at her school

 Clara is simply a knowledgable ‘Egghead’
‘By golly’ she ‘Knows her stuff’
Her teacher’s says she is ingenious
She is always ‘Up to snuff’

She ‘Knows things backwards & forwards’
Clara has an immensely complex brain
She is well above average for her age
So sagaciously, incredibly sane

If her folk’s ever have a problem 
Or when there is logic that they can’t do
They are lucky to have their Clara
Coz she always gets them ‘Out of a stew’

She is so ‘Quick on the uptake’, ‘Sharp as a tack’
Clara was ‘Not born yesterday’
Considering her parent’s lack scruples
She is unbelievable her teacher’s say

Goodness know’s what will become of her
Clara Clot is ‘On top of her game’
But what with her ‘Extraordinary perception’
She is surely bound for ‘Fortune & fame’


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