Poem -

Clutter Bug

Clutter Bug

Clutter Bug

How do you do?
Did you hide under my shoe?
Maybe you could give me a clue,
Where are you?
Your not in my closet,
or under my bed,
so I'm going to call you Fred.
I found a trace of where you had been
then laughter starts to set in.
The mess I made You came alive
but clean up is at 5,  so you will have to hide.
I'll shove you in the corner 
maybe no one will see that play time
is just  for you and me.. 

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kay harris

Thanks for taking time to read, yeah my son has a wonderful imagination, you friend have a wonderful day..

Larry Ran

My Dear Kay,

The love for your beautiful little boy resonates with every word of this heartfelt poem.  I will also respond with the Haiku below.

My sweetest Angel
Is Prince of the Clutter Bugs
And King of my Soul

Larry xxx

kay harris

That is beautiful, and thank you for taking time to read my friend, may you be blessed in all that you do. much love friend,