Poem -



The commuters are compressed into carriages and rushing for the seats as the cattle trucks rattle on the rails and take the strain.
The commuters are squeezed into the compartments for the daily joyless journey 
For the daily shuttle  to factory's and offices where the stress levels rise.
Because there chained to commitments  they can barely meet,
As the cost of living continues to get higher,
They see the same scenery they see the same people with their idiosyncrasies and habits,
But never a word is spoken,
They remain strangers for years.
Then routinely they tumble out onto platforms to breach the peace and run for the barriers,
Thousands travel long distances with all the delays to pay their taxes to receive a sizable pension,
And call it a chosen career. 
The plague of locusts invade the city's to perform menial tasks,
Because contributing to society is respectful, 
And the scramble for a monthly salary and security is on,
As hard work gives one a sense of self-worth,
Hard work could mean early retirement.

A Thearta Production*


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Gerard McGowan

Early retirement then death, then life, work, retirement, death and so on, I'm going to break this chain, I will do it.

I love this piece, it pushes all the right buttons, the buttons that upset the establishment. Have you ever watched a film called  office space, I think you would like it.


Thanks for your comments Gerard the thought of us being wiped out and no more commuting