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There are simulations to be seen  of asteroids hitting us and the threat is real,
the consequences are horrendous,
The cataclysmic will crush all in its path and mean our demise.
Is this what drove the dinosaurs  to extinction,
Was it a collision with a giant rock that extinguished everything and caused a nuclear winter.
They say it's not if but when the next fatal strike will be,
And we dont stand a chance,
How long then as a species do we have before the inevitable happens,
Because objects are flying past us continuously, 
How many near misses have there been,
How far are we away from being annihilated, 
When will the next fireball  travelling at tremendous speeds be,
When is the date for doomsday.
When the missile makes contact and hits the target,
The damage will be in biblical proportions,
The damage will be decisive,
With prior warning will we be able to intercept and throw it off course,
Or will we cease to be,
Is the thought of an ending and being reduced to rubble and ash to much to contemplate.

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A fantastic piece of work...well written 

Gerard McGowan

Yes, I think contemplating this event is beyond our understanding, the idea that all we are and all we have become can simply vanish, can you imagine being on a different planet watching earth through a telescope, watching as an asteroid just turns us to dust.


Alas, I'm convinced that a greater suffering is just around the corner, a fake alien invasion, a human race being told that we are much more and an evolutionary change too great for the average being to comprehend.

Anwer Ghani

I liked the way of writing and excellence with realistic words, but I see that life is the moment and I am here to live this moment. Yes, we have the right to worry about the future of the earth, but our lives are our moments. Anwer


we have nothing more than where we are right now
Yes its inciteful and to the point....
But the only way I can write is in a...ranting type free-versing...stream of consciousness..
Thanks for your appreciation.