Poem -


How many times I found myself looking for a place to hide.
Because by everyone else's standards I just can not abide.
The world just keeps spinning round, and passes by me without a sound. 
The only voices that I can hear, are the ones whispering inside my ear. 
They tell me to go, they tell me to stay. 
I wish they all would just go away.
The confusion that they cause, only make me stop and pause.
They delay my onward bound, causing peace not to be found. 
Where I am going I may never know, but still forward I must go.
There has to be a place of solitude, to adjust my ever worsening attitude.

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Tony Taylor

Hello PAULINE!!.....I really like how you chose to remain positive with this piece that could have (quite easily) gone to a dark and lonely place.......I also like the way you used your rhyme scheme...... using a strong and simplistic A,B,A,B rhyme scheme in the beginning and then as the poem went on it evolved into an All-Out freestyle type of delivery...... which worked beautifully over-all in setting a tone and poetic rhythm & timing to the whole!!..... and delivering the. struggle that exists for the author in his/her daily struggle with life in general!!.... The kind of subject matter that SO many will be able to relate to!!..... well conceived and VERY well delivered!!......ALL STARS!!... well done dear poet sister.... and.......,WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo. : )