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Cuddled up in Coziness

Cuddled up in Coziness

He poured two lethal concoctions into each cocktail glass
this they both agreed was not as insufferable as inhaling toxins from natural gas
She lit candles and placed them in the room just to create some ambience and not to focus on the gloom
He hunted out their favourite record and put in on the gramophone
They loved this classical concerto by Johannes Brahms and often played it when they were alone
Recently this night was all they had talked about even tho she couldn’t recall
but then again her Alzheimer’s had progressed of late alas she had no recollection left at all

So as they sat cuddled up in coziness infront of a glowing ember coal fire
watching and lost in each other’s romance as crackling flames flickered higher
Her dearest darling talked and talked and whispered his sweet nothings into her ear
She smiled as if she understood in adoration at his words that she loved to hear
She hummed along to the beautiful background noise
and he thought that this moment in time felt full of warmthness with such poise
Both of these had set a scenario of absolute perfection
This old married couple had given this evening ample time for reflection

Here they were still in love after almost fifty years of being together
Within this glassful was enough potency and they would find peacefulness forever
They both sipped their drinks which was a sweet red wine
There was not a hint of acidity in it so it tasted pleasantly devine
Holding on to each other like they used to when they were young
He realised the end was nigh as the sting had stung
But as Brahms played his concerto in D minor the two old bodies lay
In total blissfulness as each in unison passed away
Gone was the sadness as she looked into his eyes
Rest in peace my angels amongst the heavenly skies

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A Lonely Journey

What a beautifully tragic poem!! Oh my gosh, I thought I was reading a manic writing Shakespeare! That was great! I think Cheerie will like that, as it vaguely reminded me(although vastly different) of The Notebook by Nick Sparks, and she loves that. 
You amaze me young lady. 
Fantastic write! 

Jill Tait

Awwww Thanks loads Matthew so pleased u liked my wacky imagination ❤️💙❤️

A Lonely Journey

Hi Jilligan's Island, 
I always love your wacky imagination. As a matter of fact, I was wondering if I could borrow some of it to sell on Ebay for a while. I'll return it, after I get the money from the sale, and then go steal it back. Deal? OK, send me a piece of cerebellum, please. Thanks! M.