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Cuddly & Snuggly

Cuddly & Snuggly

Cuddly & Snuggly just loved nestles & nuzzles
Why anyone wouldn’t want the same filled them with puzzles
Two peas in a pod afraid of being alone, craving close contact was all they’d ever known

Well one Christmas eve as Santa  Claus was on his operation
dropping down thru the chimney tops to every child in the nation
Cuddly & Snuggly were sat together caressing, Santa’s helpers grabbed one of them,
this was so distressing

His intention was to sit him by the  Xmas tree at number thirty four, he had picked out a little girl who lived within that door
But then out of the darkness, betwixt the shadows of Santa’s sleigh Rudolph heard a tiny cry from not too far away

“Oh my goodness Snuggles was that really you” Santa realised this was not something they could do
His wife Mrs Claus had only mentioned yesterday about two teddy bears who clinged together come what may

Well luckily for little Olivia who was in her bed fast asleep, she didn’t see a thing as Santa Claus did creep
Carrying two companions who loved each other so much, gently sitting them side by side with his tender soft touch

Can you imagine that very morning as the cockerel began to crow, little Olivia ran down her stairs to the Christmas tree below
Embracing her two teddybears,
both felt so snuggly
Oh how she adored her new  buddies, so soft & cuddly

Yes that’s what she called them
‘Cuddly & Snuggly’ 
her two very best squashy bears
they would be together forever
doing everything in pairs
So there you have it, a  Christmas story so happy, all because of Santa Claus the very clever magic chappy


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Cherie Leigh

Awww...This is a great bedtime story to tell a child near Christmas...one of friendship and fate....I loved it! xo 

Jill Tait

Awww so pleased you enjoyed Cherie thanks luv so much 💕💕💕