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Dad, can you push me...

Dad, can you push me...

That Sunday morning, I remember, like it was yesterday
The sun kissed the sky and I knew it was our time to play
Pack lunch in the cool bag, full of treats
I'd been looking forward to this all week
10 o'clock came and the car was in sight through the window
My dad, all excited shouted "come on little tinker, time to go!"
Off we went in his shiny red car listening to songs on the radio
"Dad, today on the swings I want to go fast instead of slow"
"You must be a big girl now, are you sweetie?"
"The biggest" I happily I said
Dad, just tapped me on my head
We got to the park
I started to run
I got told to walk
In case I'd fall
Up the hills we'd tirelessly climb
He would come down the slide
Then came our special time
The swing would be free and now it's mine
"Faster" I would shout
Dad, lovingly did, still with doubt
We would talk about silly adventures
We would talk about captains treasures
We would talk about dreams for the future
We would talk for hours, full of laughter
Dad then started to get poorly
As I got older I lived life angry
A horrible disease took him early
My world started to cave and crumble
Without dad, I was broken and stumbled
I came to the same old park
Wishing he was still around
I stayed on this swing, until dark
No push, no talking or sound
Tears just welling up, in memory
Holding my cries so I don't drown
I can't bring myself to say them words
"Dad, can you push me?"
For one more day, I wish he would, he made me feel free
I can still picture him in my mind
We were two happy souls living life
All I knew, that one Sunday he was late
All I know that my dad was so great
One day we'll be on them swings again
And to you, I'll say them words once again, face to face...

I love you Dad Xx

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Tehmina Usman

This is a beautifully heartfelt piece, Wayne. 

Tehmina xo


I see you've written it from a girls perspective. I thought it was about your own relationship with your own father at first. I love how you can write from different perspectives.

Tina x

Wayne Stubbs

Yeah, I just got an image into my head of a lost woman on a swing every Sunday remembering what they had together, instead of going to a grave she would go on the swing so it kept the memories alive, I hope that makes sense, thanks Tina for saying kind words 😊💓 x 


I think it makes total sense. If they had so many happy memories there it is the place she would go to, for sure :-)  x