Poem -


Crunching leaves as I limp through the grass.

Heavy breathing as for air I try to grasp.

Decaying trees is all I see when I look around,

but as I keep on going my face keeps getting closer to the ground.

holes of blankness start to appear,

while all the thoughts in my head suddenly dissapear.

I look ahead and see a pitch black lake,

as my body now starts to quiver and shake. 

I pray to the heavens once more to save me,

but im quite sure no one can hear.

So I accept it now and wait for my fate,

because I have an appointment with death, 

and I can't afford to be late.

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   Hello Jack, this is beautifully narrated man, dig this write... The content is not dark, but it is real, with a touch of Gothic serenity, well done man, Favorited into my list, take good care man:

Deborah Evans

Hi  Jack I really like the dark imagery you 
created here very creative 
Great write
Welcome to Cosmo 
Best wishes Debs