Poem -

Deepest Fissures of Pain

I want my mum to cry for me,
as no wife would ever do
The woman who knows my every effort to make it in this world
She's the only one who'd understand the height from which I've fallen
The angel that held my little hands
on the day that I was born
She saw me grow and walk and climb
She watched me run and swim
And play and learn and study well
Work hard and earn my stripes
She's the only soul who can appreciate
my constant sacrifice
how unfair life seems...
when little seems come all undone,
and shatter my earnest dreams
My mother knows a dignity in me
that other's cannot see right now
Because I've returned to utter humiliation,
a place that's very low
I want her to share half my tears
when I gaze upon my poor condition
Because the burden is too much
No one else could share my sorrow,
not even just a touch
I wish I could be comforted
by the heart I trust the most
But I dare not tell her
or even hint
that I am in the straits
Instead I chirp on the phone
and leave an impression:
a happy face
I cannot break her pure heart,
put her through the pain again
So I carry on as if all is well;
pull my self together;
and pretend

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Terry Reeves

Excellent as usual but I wonder
if we should rely on the sympathy vote.

al Bikaadi

Depends on how callous you are toward your inner child. I'm not sure what to make of your comment.Is it a complement or a cynical criticism? I guess where I'm coming from is that I have sat with many people in their vulnerability, but apart from a rare few paid counselors, who is truly prepared to acknowledge my own very real frail humanity other than my mother (who has seen me at my truly most dependent and endangered state)?

Katina Woodruff...

As a mom, I could feel the longing to spend more time with your mom. I could also tell that maybe, the character of the poem longs for his most intimate person (a spouse) to be as comforting, or to be accepting that although you are a man, you still have bad days, life's most challenging times, you want to share this with your mate. That's how I read it. Great job getting your words on the page.