Poem -

Degredation of morality

Degredation of morality
Permeates through society
From the top to the bottom
Everything becomes acceptable
But this is the freedom of which we desired more
But somehow we abused the remits
Lost our sense of proprietary
Which lead us into areas not so nice
Addiction, materialism and vice
Which fosters feelings of despite
Divides us from others and the real us inside
We've lost the vision and the sight
Of who we are with ourselves
And our uniqueness goes as well
As we try to replicate everybody else
Instead of standing out like freaks
We allowed ourselves to become weak
And become controlled and dictated too
Told and taught to be reciprocal
Of what those who rule feel is viable
Yo ensure we remain fodder for the workhouse
To ensure there's enough victims to use and due by the gun
In their theatres of war that sees humanity undone
We have lost the sense of compassion and love
For ourselves and everyone
Caught up in a game, a competion
Of who achieves more and foes the best
But when you're finally laid to rest
Nobody will remember all this
And you will have left little or no mark on this life
And to me somehow that doesn't seem right
And an awfully sad waste of what should have been bright
If you had only uyst tried to shine your light
Instead of spending so much time wasting the right to this life.