Poem -

‘Demons in disguise’

‘Demons in disguise’

Blue bottles, midges, pesky flies
these dam tiny devils are very wise
They target you with aggravated attack
Those ‘Demons in disguise’ so fast & black

As soon as you open a window
to let in the fresh air
you can bet your bottom dollar
at least one little blighter is there
As fast as lightening it comes inside
& tho you chase it far & wide
trying to swat it with a shoe
the blighter gets the better of you

The Summer housefly makes me sick I’ve opened the door but it is thick
In denial it stands it’s ground refusing to go out
Bustling & buzzing past your face, it follows you about

They drive you almost up the wall
You’ve swat them with a book & watched them fall
but just like a cat that’s got nine lives
this blasted insect flies up & thrives

Hooray for the Summer season
Isn’t it a wonderful time of the year, bringing along a plague of pesterers to antagonise & annoy I fear 
Take my advice don’t open your window, just use a fan instead
then unless you are in open air
these horrors won’t harrass your head


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