Poem -

‘Do or Die’

‘Do or Die’

Is safety a spineless submission
A weak-kneed worthlessness
Lily livered of lacking courage
A yellow-bellied nervousness

Running scared of such & such
Afraid of the unfamiliar
Not trusting in one’s own belief
Chances of personal peculiar

Go ahead, take a fling
Grab that perfect opportunity
Stick your kneck out, run the risk
Dismiss a negative jejunity

If you never, ever endeavour
Into the uncharted & unexplored
You run the risk of sick & tiredness, spiritless, a being bored

Don’t be a chicken hearted jelly fish, a scaredy cat deserter
Chin-up, be a dare devil
A red-blooded successor 

There is one’s eleventh hour,
A last attempt to do or die
Tho yes you may crash & fall
But que sera you might just fly


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